Not all construction loan monitoring companies are created equal.

Construction Loan monitoring
and Funds Administration Services


CLM Group provides varying levels of monitoring and funds administration for construction project progress depending on the Lender’s desired level of service and risk mitigation. These services are detailed below.


Due Diligence

We go beyond the standard monitoring of pay applications and site inspection. By providing expanded risk management and pre-construction review services, we help protect and safeguard the Lender’s interest in the project.


We keep our eyes and ears on the entire project. By reviewing draw request work and observing the project progress as a whole, we maintain and ensure that the budget stays in balance for the life of the project.

Date Down
& Project Completion

We ensure that the project is completed with a clean title and without future lien liability. By maintaining and collecting all final records, we provide the Lender with everything needed at the completion of the project.

Inspection Only Services


Similar to our funds administration inspection services, CLM Group offers Inspection Only services wherein our inspectors, at the request of the Lender, conduct site inspections for review of current progress and reporting of percent complete by line item drawn. These inspections provide information for the Lender's draw processing, however, do not include funds administration.


Our inspectors will ensure verification of percent of the project work completed thus far and review the current draw request, if provided.

Our inspectors will provide digital photography to support report findings and to confirm materials that are onsite and in use.     

Our inspectors will provide a report with a copy of the current project job inspection record card as well as comments and recommendations.

Commercial Real Estate
Portfolio Inspections


CLM Group offers Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Portfolio inspections. Our inspectors will provide a site inspection and an Inspection Report, including quality photographs, for the Lender detailing the following:


An evaluation of the general condition and maintenance of the property.

An evaluation and review of the current occupancy of the property.

An evaluation of the CRE property and its surrounding properties and area.