Pre –Construction Due Diligence

We believe that reviewing and preparing the processes before construction begins is key to project success.

Our standard ‘set-up’ work includes:

  • Contract Review (Verify Value, Signers, Duration)
  • GC License Check (Review current CSLB license)
  • Ensure Balanced Baseline Budget- Verify with all parties
  • Update with Verified Injection
  • Secure Signature Specimen Verification
  • Secure GC License Copy
  • Collect Construction Schedule, Plans, Permits
  • Conduct Project Initiation/Kick-off Meeting
  • Conduct GC Training Using AIA Formatted Workbook
  • Collect and Track all Pre-liens

In addition we offer more extensive pre-construction review services:

  • Cost Review: CLM builds an independent budget analysis using plans, GC budget and contract and provides a comparative analysis with a 3rd party opinion on the sufficiency of the proposed construction budget.
  • Contractor Review: CLM conducts an evaluative review of the General Contractor including license, insurance, financials and references.