Construction Loan Monitoring Group, Inc.

CLM Group is comprised of talented and dedicated professionals with a wide range of experience in finance, construction, and real estate development. Our team takes pride in building strong relationships with every client, whether working with the lender, borrower, or general contractor. One of our primary goals is to provide outstanding customer service and be viewed as an integral partner of the construction lending team.


From Left to Right: Cledia Lopez, Greg Grace, Jessie Elquist , Andy Alkire, Eldrine Villanueva, Natasha Mitchell, Katie Reis, Michael Urban, Andrea Hand, Alyssa DeBenedetti, Diane Delucchi, Luigi Delucchi, and Carl Wood

Luigi Delucchi

Luigi is distinguished for his energy and passion for meeting client and project demands. During his 18 years leading CLM Group his expertise and knowledge of construction loan monitoring and construction loan risk mitigation has driven hundreds of construction projects to successful, profitable and compliant completion. In addition to his analytical approach and thorough understanding of construction lending requirements Luigi’s communication and negotiation skills facilitate resolution to issues that lead to a ‘win-win-win’ for lender, borrower and contractor.


The Bank is at greatest risk between Demolition and Notice of Completion. Our services at CLM mitigate that risk and provide analysis and oversite to complete the project on budget and lien free.
— Luigi Delucchi, CEO and Co-founder of CLM Group